Are Recruiting and Staffing Companies Mainly Just Call Centers?

I’ve noticed a trend on Linkedin: many of the recruiters in the IT sector are not native English speaking Americans. Indeed, I’d say at least fifty percent are NOT Americans. And many just seem so out of touch with standard American cultural values that I can’t help but surmise that they in fact are located overseas. Yes, I believe most of the recruiters for US based jobs (at least in the IT sector) are not US-based.

Essentially, you’ve got to have some human contact in the process. Any human contact I guess. And sure enough, you really do need some prescreening. The original companies that hiring the staffing agency are outsourcing the task after all and they may not be that specialized in determining which candidates are bogus and which are not. There is something about having an actual human confirm certain important details like citizenship, right to work in a place, some basics about past experience, etc.. But I guess all these tasks can be outsourced not just in terms of outside of the company that originally wants to get the candidates skilled but outsourced (or off-shored I guess is the correct term here) all the way out of the country entirely. I’m not a huge fan of off-shoring jobs. It has had such a negative impact on so many Americans. I just can’t say that I support it.