More Call Centers in the DR?

There are already a good number of call centers in the Dominican Republic as of mid-2021, so is there a legitimate market demand for more?

Don’t try to work at a call center in the Dominican Republic. They pay $3-4 USD per hour max. Further, if you’re not Dominican you’ll be breaking the immigration laws anyways. So, you could come down here and find a job like that, and STILL not be able to take it because you don’t have the correct visa status.

I met a guy in Santiago who worked at one (an American guy I mean). He did not seem that happy really, but he was able to pay for his apartment (about $200 USD per month). Things are so cheap here that one could support oneself doing it. I just don’t recommend doing that at all. Especially these days, when a native English speaker from the US should be able to find SOME kind of online job anyways. Times are changing fast. I’m aware that a lot of people are considering making a move down here to live full-time. Just be aware that this is not really a viable option.