Weather in Santiago is usually PARTLY SUNNY, which means also that it is also PARTLY CLOUDY. This is something I am not thrilled about. The fact that there is not quite so much sun. As of this writing, I’ve been here almost 7 months. I arrived in late Februrary, let’s call it March 1st. It is now near the end of September. It is always HOT, which I love. But nearly every day is also partly cloudy. And about two days a week it is mostly cloudy.



Shopping Malls in Santiago, Dominican Republic

There are really just two main malls: Plaza Internacional (the nice one), and Las Colinas (the one featured in the video below). The better, more upscale, of the two is Plaza Internacional. If you really need to get some shopping done and have quite a few different things you need to buy, then probably Las Colinas is better.

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